Splinters in the Mind

In the depths of ancient caves by flickering torch light, man begins to capture the dreamt memories of fleeting sense perceptions; creating rituals in the culmination of vain efforts to understand and order the whole.  At the limits of Reason where myth and religion are housed — a method is birthed.  This system of capture, of caging the unreasonable for continued return, for ritual recompense of the loss of understanding and order is a construct used to assimilate the otherness through a process that familiarizes it.  Control.  The things that awe, made Gods and Devils, become the familiar and understood within this method.  Along with it, symbols are formed of dreamtime concepts and a previously oral history becomes externally kept; the forgetting begins.  Man begins to forget why the method was birthed; that it is a constructed system separate from, though used by, the sense perceptions that inform reason.  Reason, armed with the illusion of regained control and in new complacency, forgets that a given constructed symbol only functions properly within each now surpassed limit; even forgets that it had, and still has, limits.  The method, permutable, remains housed where it was birthed.  Therefore to Reason, the whole of the system itself is inscrutable — troublesome, unreasonable and in need of caging.

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