Visual Art


VISUAL ART connects to people on a level that everyday LANGUAGE does not.  When the VISUAL artist approaches the work from the point of view of “SAYINGSOMETHING – they DETRACT from the medium just with the use of a word – “SAY“.  It’s like painting with concrete blocks.  The viewer in approaching the work in an effort to “UNDERSTAND” what it is “SAYING” is already using the logical reasoning mind, the OPPOSITE of the VISUAL intuitive mind. It is better to learn your craft by doing (not using it to SAY SOMETHING) until it becomes second nature, the formal will not be something that you have to use the thinking mind to perform.  Then it will become easier and clearer when you want to SAY SOMETHING.  If the viewer is drawn to the work VISUALLY and the VISUAL COMMUNICATION tools are properly used then the thing “said” will be UNDERSTOOD.  Not that there is anything wrong with SAYING SOMETHING.  It’s probably just my prejudice.  Although I spend a lot of time thinking – rationalizing – I believe the essence of reality/truth can be found in what we already know – inside of us.  The confrontational ART, the ART that only artists, academia, not even ART historians can understand, these ALIENATE the very people they are trying to “SPEAK” to.  Ended a sentence with a preposition-oops.  There needs to be a visceral response, an intuitive attraction to a THING OF BEAUTY or interest.  I am tired of ugly, sloppy ART.  Whatever happened to the finished product?  Do we really learn anything when we follow the urge to slow down and look at the accident victim?  Look at his blood as our stomach churns.  Does this prevent us from slowing down the next time (usually creating the potential for another accident)?  That’s how I feel about ugly ART.  You are drawn to it through an attraction to the morbid, learning nothing but how close you are to your dark side.  Or you are disgusted into not wanting to slow down to view “ART” anymore.  Maybe that’s why WORD ART is being used so much. If your ART is primarily about SAYING SOMETHING then you are not an artist but an ACTIVIST.  It can only be through copious investigation of what comes naturally to you in your ART that you learn what you SHOULD be saying.  Most artists spend their artistic talents SAYING what they WANT to SAY – not taking into account the error of youth or the stubborn nature of old age.  The need to SAY SOMETHING with ART in itself INVALIDATES the dedication to a life of ART.  It draws the exterior into the art-making process.  It is a SELF-DEFEATING effort to VALIDATE the pursuit of ART, to JUSTIFY the desire to make ART.  There should be strength enough to accept ART for what it is. Because you are given this talent does not mean necessarily that your purpose is to SAY SOMETHING.  It could be that the gift of artistic talent was given SOLELY to contribute to the ENRICHment of the VISUAL WORLD.  TO CREATE A THING OF BEAUTY.


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