Posted by: Tonietta Walters | 11 July 2014

Another time never gets here

How does it happen? How does one get so caught up in daily incidentals? How is it that if this person was so important to me that here I sat crying uncontrollably, I never actually made a visit (or even flippin’ called) at the time I was thinking about it instead of putting it off for another time.

My heart hurts.

Another time… Those words are making me cry.

I kept telling myself I needed to try to visit her (never been to her house since I saw her almost every day at the studio) or make some time to meet her somewhere, but…

There won’t be another time.

At this time, all I can do is make a record (now while I feel like crap) in my memory repository – The least I can do is not put this off for another time.

Margaret (Maggie) Soltis,

Even though I thought I missed you, obviously I didn’t really know what that meant because I sure understand now. I will never be able to hear your voice or little giggle again, smile at how tiny your feet are, be in awe of the things you make or feel happy just because you are around and we are trying to figure out how to get something made.

I love you… so much and I’m sorry that you probably didn’t even know just how important you were to me.

I’ll remember you always.



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