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FCVW 2015: Metacognition Track Call for Proposals


The Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds invites proposals to be a speaker, presenter, or performer at the workshop to be held on March 6-7, 2015. While lecture style presentations are acceptable, we highly encourage proposals that are interactive in nature, involve the audience in hands-on learning experiences, or otherwise showcase and take advantage of the immersive nature of the OpenSimulator platform. In addition, though we will provide an auditorium-style venue for breakout sessions, we encourage presenters to consider constructing or sharing a build, region, or other audio-visual aids beyond a PowerPoint slide presentation to accompany their presentation. OAR and IAR uploads can be coordinated with workshop organizers if your proposal is accepted.

Metacognition Track Leaders:
Tonietta Walters –  NoumenArt & Broward College

Aimee Weber – Aimee Weber Studio

Broadly defined as “thinking about thinking” or an awareness of one’s own thought processes, metacognition in learning involves self-monitoring and self-regulation such as recognizing a learning task, strategizing an approach, evaluating comprehension, and monitoring progress towards completion of the learning task.  How do we facilitate and, importantly, measure this kind of metacognition? The Metacognition Track invites proposals that showcase the use of virtual worlds for training and education in ways that learners are aware of training objectives in real time and/or illustrate any methods for facilitating and measuring learner autonomy and metacognition. Proposals that are interactive, immersive and make use of the collaborative, shared experience of virtual worlds are encouraged and highly preferable to PowerPoint presentations.

Topics of interest include:

  • Design & Content Considerations
  • Incorporating Information Resources
  • Instructional Guidance & Learning Objectives
  • Progress Tracking & Learner Evaluation
  • Learner Clues & Managing Learner Strategy
  • HCI & Neurofeedback
  • Role-Playing & Cultural Sensitivity
  • Collaboration – Group Learning vs Individual Learning
  • Immersive Environment – Real vs Effective

Deadline: November 30, 2014

Submit your proposal using the form at the bottom of the following page:



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